How Much does it Cost to Have Something Sandblasted?

How Much does it Cost to Have Something Sandblasted?

With the help of sandblasting, one can carry out both simple and complex cleaning tasks. Both individuals and companies benefit from this tool in that they get to get rid of stubborn stains.

Abrasive blasting, commonly known as sandblasting, is a process that utilizes small solid particles to smooth out and clean surfaces. Using compressed air, the solid particles are propelled on surfaces at high speed, which in turn causes them to clean the dirt from surfaces.

Contrary to its name, sand isn't the abrasion material used. Common abrasion materials include crushed shells from coconuts or walnuts, steel grit, and aluminum oxide particles.

More businesses are seeking out sandblasting services. The reasons for this include;

Cleaning and preparing surfaces

This is a great way of getting rid of harmful contaminants, oil, and rust. It is also great for cleaning metal parts such as airplane bodies, cars, and truck frames. Also, sandblasting is used to prep surfaces before the final coat is added.

Removing old paint

For surfaces and objects with old paint, sandblasting clears them up. This may include old wooden cabinets. Such surfaces result in a smooth and fresh finish once they are repainted.


Tough stains are hard to get rid of and may take a while when removed manually. Not to mention the result may be messy. With sandblasting, on the other hand, objects are quickly cleaned in an efficient manner. This not only saves on time but money as well.

Considering sandblasting services handle both small and large equipment, transportation to the shops is inevitable. However, it becomes both tedious and expensive to transport extremely large equipment. Also, when sandblasting buildings, it becomes necessary for the service providers to go to the actual locations. This is where mobile sandblasting services come in.

With mobile sandblasting, the service providers have portable equipment that they move with from location to location. This way, they attend to a diverse range of clients. Such services are more common in larger cities than in small towns.

As with most businesses, sandblasting service providers charge their clients per hour worked. On average, the cost for such services is $40 to $65 per hour. However, the prices can go as high as $75 per hour for specialty blasting services.

On the other hand, it's possible to find businesses that charge clients per square foot. Prices differ depending on whether it's light sandblasting, deep sandblasting, or super heavy-duty sandblasting. The prices for these range from as low as $2 to as high as $16 per square foot. Also, with industrial sandblasters, the charges could be way higher because they need to cover their overhead costs.

Prior to hiring service providers, it's ideal to conduct research. This is to ensure that the work done is up to standard. This helps prevent incurring unnecessary losses due to poor work done.

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